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I'm an iPhone developer so I spend a good percentage of my time each day touching, playing with, and creating cool stuff for that shiny little device. While the amount of time I spend using an iPhone each day is probably greater than the average iPhone user, I don't think I'm alone when I say "my phone is a very personal piece of technology". I think that a device which spends an increasing amount of time by our sides should be something that reflects the person who is using it.

Smashing Magazine recently posted an article with links to a great collection of iPhone Wallpapers...that is after all the first thing we see when we press the home button to wake the phone up from sleep. :-) Of the collection one website stood out: Poolga. Poolga does what a lot of wallpaper sites fail to do, provide quality wallpapers that are well designed and inspiring. Of course all wallpapers are 320x480 so if you own a T-Mobile G1 or plan on purchasing a Palm Pre (which actually looks pretty cool) don't worry you can pimp your device too. ;-)

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