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I love New York for many reasons: the fast pace, the crazy people, the way everything has a charming layer of grime on it, the skyline at night, and the fact that getting anywhere in this city, even though it might take awhile requires minimal attention on my behalf. So as I was walking out of my subway stop this evening at Eastern Parkway - Brooklyn Museum I was delighted to see a valentine's day poem posted on the wall written to MTA.

Given the immense challenge of shuttling 8 million people, I think most of the time the MTA does a pretty good job. It seems whoever wrote this valentine feels the same way. This little valentine brightened my day. To whoever wrote this valentine, you are awesome!

  1. Adam Luptak02.17.2009

    I’m honestly impressed that not only did this person conceive this idea, but they actually write pretty good verse!

    “Bridges & tunnels! Buses & trains!
    Staying on track when it snows and it rains!”

    I love it.


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