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As many of you know I am not the biggest fan of Microsoft's Silverlight, when I worked with it last year for Microsoft's Silverlight Challenge I found it hard to design for and the developer I worked with found it really hard to code for. At the end of the project we decided that our "application" could have been done in 1/8th of the time with Flash. Silverlight does however have its unique features, one being its digital rights management, another being high quality video -- two things Flash has yet to pull off. Since Silverlight came on the scene a little over a year ago I have been waiting to see a truly awesome application of Silverlight technology. Enter Netflix.

When Netflix launched its new Movie Viewer a couple of months ago I was really excited, finally I could get the full value out of my subscription! Their Movie Viewer is done in Silverlight and I can honestly say it is one of the best, if not the best video player I have seen online to date. Compared to a video player built in Flash it is far smoother, much quicker, buffers less, and the image is higher quality too. I've spent a ton of time testing it out on my Mac and it's a well built and solid application that is easy to use. My favorite part of the player is possibly one of the simplest: when you're in full screen you can press spacebar to pause and play your video. Below is a sample of the image quality (click to see the full-size). Let's hope Netflix starts getting some more main stream content for their online player, if they do I could be done with discs forever.

  1. Ed01.24.2009

    Right on. The two things I said Silverlight had potential for after 20 weeks of banging our heads against the wall: Video and Real-Time-3D.

    Hope all is well.


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