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While my days of pulling all-nighters are over, during my college years at RIT I pulled about 1-3 all-nighters per week by the end of each quarter (my record is 4 all-nighters in a row). By senior year I had completely changed my sleeping schedule so that I would wake up at noon and work til 4am-6am...crazy I know. Oddly enough there are times when I really miss it, something about pulling all-nighters brings out the commradery in the people who are doing so. Anyways, I recently came across an article on WikiHow about how to pull an all-nighter. I have to say, the article is really great. Speaking from experience, if you follow even half of the suggestions in the article you will be able to pull a successful all-nighter with little or no problems at all. My secret was to drink lots of water and take a break around 3am-4am and eat something, also it's best not to pull all-nighters alone (in my opinion).

Check out the article here: How to Pull an All Nighter.

  1. Adam Luptak04.13.2009

    I agree with your tips about all-nighters, but I also don’t miss them. You know, at all.
    (That being said, a few weeks ago I spent 22 hours in the office on a sunday.)

  2. Rich04.13.2009

    I agree. I pulled one all nighter at work since graduation and while it was annoying it was kind of refreshing and nice. Also I think I remember when that pic was taken….

  3. Nem05.01.2009

    Ohhhh all nighters. I’ll always remember the night when you were working on your orgasmic hair for 3D and I think also Homework Hotline. You went home to get some sleep and asked me to call you to make sure you woke up. I called you like 10 times over a few hours and you had set about 4 alarms and you slept through everything! You were all out of sorts when you finally got back to the lab.

    Oh and I think you mean take a break around 3am-4AM not pm haha.


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