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The fact that the economy is not doing well right now is no secret. Companies all around the world are being forced to lay-off workers to insure they can stay afloat. It's not a happy situation but we deal with it, some of us better than others. Belgian company So Nice is taking a more innovative approach to firing an employee...they've made a website allowing you to choose called "You choose...we fire".

While I don't speak the language the website is in, it is worth a visit to see a new way to approach the timeless situation of letting an employee go. Seeing as how this website has a viral quality to it maybe they'll even gain some business in the mean time. Props to So Nice for thinking outside the box and avoiding making a difficult decision themselves.

President-elect Obama selected Rick Warren today to give him his invocation at inauguration.1 This is a disheartening and disappointing decision. Why? Because Rick Warren is an open supporter of Prop 8,2 and President-elect Obama could have selected someone who chooses not to hold back the rights of US Citizens.

I understand that not every decision Obama makes I will agree with, I know that he doesn't believe gay marriage should be legalized. I voted for him anyways believing that while he would never help gay rights, he wouldn't promote discrimination towards another minority group either. By choosing Rick Warren to administer his invocation he is essentially saying that it is okay to hold a percentage of our population down.3

As an African-American I am sure Obama has had his fair share of obsticales to overcome because of his race, at least his rights were supported by the law. Last time I checked our country believed in the separation of church and state. We should not allow the Christian definition of marriage define what a marriage is in the constitution. Homosexual couples should enjoy the same rights and privileges in this country that heterosexual couples do, just as black Americans enjoy the same rights white Americans do.

YouTube Preview Image I can understand not supporting gay marriage because of religious beliefs, but for our soon to be president to openly support the suppression of a minority group in this country to me seems outrageous. Let me make one thing clear: homosexuality is not a choice. As the daughter of a gay man I know my father's decision to come out was not an easy one. And when you suppress the rights of homosexuals you're not only suppressing their rights but the rights of their families too. It's not just about marriage, its about health care, hospital visits, taxes, and so much more.

I love this country to a fault, it hurts to see people in our country not enjoying the rights they deserve. I am hopeful that with the first black president we will one day see the first woman president or the first homosexual president, but when our first minority president openly supports holding another minority group down, I doubt that day will be any time soon.

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